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All Programs can be shortened to the length of time you provide us.  However, the more time the better because shortening programs means deleting details.   


GO HOME… Up to Four Days

Day 1) Equipment  Your tools can either contribute to or detract from the creative process.  Each item must be portable, quick, and effective.  Fuzzy will show how his choices facilitate speed and creativity.

Day 2) Light Control  Fuzzy will extensively cover lighting theory and various light modifiers since total light control is essential for quality images.  Lighting principles are constant.  But the tools needed will vary based on whether working indoors or outdoors.  Indoors, lighting consists mostly of added lighting.  but outdoors, light control involves subtracting bad light and adding good light.  If you're not doing this... your images aren't as strong as they can be. 

Day 3) Selecting Photo Sites On-location (and optional Photo shoot) Site selection is particularly crucial for image design, posing inspiration and theme.  Fuzzy goes to every client’s home to create truly unique images.  He’ll show how he uses ordinary locations (and “ordinary” people) to produce extraordinary results!  The beauty of this is that you no longer have to drive around looking for great locations.  It's already there... for free!

Day 4) Digital Doodles Fuzzy will share the tools and techniques of digital manipulations to transform images from “OK” to “WOW!”

These are the topics covered in the four day class, and some are covered to a lesser extent in shorter programs:

· Equipment Choices

· Software Choices

· Make-up Suggestions

· Composition for Stronger Images

· Ambient Lighting on Sunny and Cloudy Days

· How To Find Locations with Portrait Light Quality

· Using Reflectors to Add Dimension

· Ways to help Your Subject Stand Out From the Background

· Subtractive Lighting to Avoid "raccoon eyes"

· Translucent Scrims

· Continuous Lighting (LED)

· Speedlight Flash, TTL (Through The Lens) Exposure

· Strobe Flash

· Indoor Lighting Techniques and Diagrams

· Gelled lighting Working In and Around Clients' Homes for Completely Unique Images.

· Color Management and Consistency Control

· Photoshop Stacking for Lighting Correction

· Various Filters for Emotional Appeal

· Retouching and Enhancement

MEDIOCRE TO MARVELOUS   Up to four hours

In this comprehensive program, Fuzzy shares insights and examples of how he goes from near panic of not having a clue as to what to do… to the end result of creative magnificent images.  Site evaluation, equipment choices, and lighting techniques are covered in as much depth as you have time for.


If you have trouble posing people, then this will help you create poses that sell.  The program shows mostly high school seniors but is applicable to anyone (humans only).  With over 600 images, many of them before and after examples, Fuzzy will show what works and what doesn’t.  He shows where he started and where he finished so you can learn the tips and techniques of filtering out all the noise… to make photographic music!

   Up to 4 hours

Today’s boudoir photography is as much about empowering the subject as it is about capturing their natural beauty.  That said, much of today’s boudoir imagery lacks the attention to detail that marked the old fashioned glamour photography.  Fuzzy’s intimate imagery seeks to blend those two disciplines.  He will show the tools, the skills, and the vision he uses to flatter the subject and the female form on location, whether that be outside or in the client’s home.


COMPOSING (is Better than Decomposing)   Up to 2 hours

Composition can make or break an image. It can leave the viewer disinterested, or it can stir an emotional reaction that makes them want to keep seeing it again and again. This somewhat cerebral program uses easy-to-understand tutorial uses over 300 before and after examples to teach all aspects of powerful composition from simple fundamentals to the subtle subliminals.

KUSTOM KIDS   Up to 2 hours

Fuzzy has always loved photographing kids in a casual style that fits with his on-location philosophies.  In this light-hearted program, Fuzzy will take you from start to end with the processes he has used for decades.


GARAGES are GRRRREAT!!!   Up to 1 hour

In this eye-opening entertaining short program, Fuzzy covers his signature style of lighting and vision of discovery in the most mundane of locations… the common garage that most people have.  You’ll see and learn how to find treasure in trash… literally. 



Portrait photography requires clothing that tells the story the artists wants to convey about the subject.  It must blend with the scene so as not to attract attention.  Fuzzy has some strong and sometimes different views than the mainstream portrait photographer conventional “wisdom”.  This is a light and fun program features about 200 teaching examples. 



Dallas, Texas

October 8, 2019… Lecture Program

October 9, 2019… Live shoot

Contact: Pam McGraw



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Fuzzy started entering prints in Wisconsin PPA competition in 1993. In that and subsequent competitions, Fuzzy has had numerous prints selected for National Traveling Loan Collection, Epcot Center, exhibitions in Germany, Korea, and the International Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma. Fuzzy has been Wisconsin PPA Photographer of the Year three times, Wisconsin Senior Photographer of the Year fourteen times, Wisconsin PPA Hall of Fame recipient, Photographer of the Year for the Southeastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers of America three times, and is a five-time Senior Photographers International "Photographer of the Year", and SPA Artist of the Year.  Fuzzy has had numerous articles published in national magazines, and has been the featured speaker at hundreds of conventions and seminars in 43 states and Canada.