"Duenkel Photography is AMAZING! He warmly and calmly opened up our extremely shy daughter!  He was extremely professional and relaxed.  He took his time to capture our daughter’s beauty!  The quality of his work is like no other.  We are beyond amazed at his work."

Deb Hampe


"To say that I "recommend" Duenkel Portrait Art is a dramatic understatement. Fuzzy has been a part of our family for some time, beginning with my Senior pictures, documenting our children growing up and most recently taking our daughter's Senior pictures. His level of expertise is unrivaled both in our community and nationally. We have been consistently delighted with his ability to capture the spirit of his subject, not just their most flattering angles. Each session is a delight and the results are consistently gorgeous."

 Kelli Schultz  


“Thanks Fuzzy! The girls loved it that you and Shirley came to watch their dance competition.  People should know that besides your unbelievable senior portrait skills that you also really get to know and enjoy the kids you photograph.”

Donna Owens


“I was in desperate need of an updated professional portrait and Fuzzy came highly recommended to me by many other professionals.  To be honest, I am quite fearful of the camera and hate to have my picture taken, hence why I had not updated my professional portrait in some time.  I emailed Fuzzy ahead of time and he was quick to calm my nerves and assist me in make-up and hair recommendations.  At the shoot, he put me at instant ease and I actually had a lot of fun!  My new photo has come with rave reviews from peers and clients alike!  He made me look the best I have ever looked and I am forever grateful!   I highly recommend his services…he is a consummate professional with a great eye!  Thanks Fuzzy!”

Katrina Hanson


"You create such beautifully artistic versions of your subjects!  Not just a picture, or replication.... timeless piece of art to display! Does that make sense? I love your work!  Most photographers just..take pictures! They don't capture the essence."

 Lisa Luthi

"Dear Fuzzy

We just wanted to send you a note and say thanks so much for the wonderful glamour photo shoot.  The photos are just stunning and we have enjoyed them a great deal."

"We put the prints up in master bedroom and the album is breath taking.  It is hard to put in words just how beautiful this all turned out.  We really appreciate you talent and the effort you put in to making this a wonderful experience and outcome. 

 May all your shoots and days be wonderful."

 Scott and Gosia


"Ivan picked up his yearbook last week and some of the other senior "portraits" in the yearbook were truly tragic.  So many had the same pose by the same tree...argh! I saw one or two out of a couple hundred that could start to approach your standards. I love my boys' stories and can't wait for Ivan's to be told!"

 Kris Pomeroy 


"U did my senior pics and I do still love them. U made the experience such a memorable day I will never forget it. My portfolio is still so pretty... hmmm... maybe it's time for family pics with u!!  Thank u for ur hard work and creativity...I was so so so lucky to have had the Duenkel experience for my senior pics!"

 Cindy Husar


"Displayed proudly on the bookshelf in the living room at the home of my parents sits my senior photo taken 27 years ago and my sisters taken 32 years ago by you. Both still beautiful photos."

 Gretchen Bollen

“I have had both of my children's Senior Portraits done by you.  They both are displayed in my entry way and everyone comments on them how beautiful they are!  I have never seen my son so excited about pictures when he got done with his photo shoot!  You showed him a few and he was so happy!  You are an amazing photographer!”

 Brenda Gitter


"I always tell Pete, I'm investing in the most beautiful artwork....and the best thing is, the artwork is of US!!!  It's not Duenkel Photography...it's Duenkel Portrait Art, and that really hits the nail on the head.

Thanks again and please know there ARE still people like us out there.....ones who really value and appreciate what you create!"

 Stephanie Poree