We will discuss all prices, products, and options at your complimentary Pre-Portrait Consultation. 
Session fees cover the time invested in the photo session only.  Prints or Digital Files are separate. 

Minimum purchases apply to some sessions to be sure you'll have the best product designed for that type of session. For example, a wall portrait is ideal for an on-location session to be able to see you and the location in a proper viewing size.  It's also the BEST VALUE for your money because you'll see and enjoy it every day.


Many other products and sizes are available. Call us for more information.

WALL PORTRAITS (20" to 40") are our specialty!

Starting at $495  Includes a Frame Credit

DESK PORTRAITS (8x10 and smaller)
$95 to $149


$149 and up.  Prices are based on the file size and quantity you require.