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An exciting and highly informative program on advanced, custom senior photography, mostly about lighting methods. 

Credentials (Brag Time)

Fuzzy started entering prints in Wisconsin PPA competition in 1993. In that and subsequent competitions, Fuzzy has had numerous prints selected for National Traveling Loan Collection, Epcot Center, exhibitions in Germany, Korea, and the International Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma. Fuzzy has been Wisconsin PPA Photographer of the Year three times, Wisconsin Senior Photographer of the Year fourteen times, Wisconsin PPA Hall of Fame recipient, Photographer of the Year for the Southeastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers of America three times, and is a five-time Senior Photographers International "Photographer of the Year", and SPA Artist of the Year.  Fuzzy has had numerous articles published in national magazines, and has been the featured speaker at conventions and seminars in 42 states (most of them multiple times).

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

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Oct 29, 2017

November 11, 2017

January 4-6, 2018

Manchester, New Hampshire

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

SPI, Florida

Laurie West

Shellie Kappelman

Charlie Mosher

We have a senior model competition where we speak. See our "Fuzzy Foto Fantasy Model Contest" for image submission information.  Contact the association that is having us speak for details on how to enter. 

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Professional Products

Duenkel Portrait Art offers products for photographers looking to reach "the next level" in their creativity and productivity. Save time, effort, and money by learning from our decades of experience!  Don't look at education as an expense. View at it in terms of how much more money you'll make!  :)

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"GO HOME" mp4 USB drive - $195

On Location Portraiture Lighting Instruction


This comprehensive series shares everything I know about photography, mostly as it applies to high school seniors!  There are over 3000 instructional slides, each with a voice-over by Fuzzy. This USB drive mp4 program extensively discusses at least one of 25 different topics such as:

  • Equipment choices
  • Outdoor lighting control
  • Indoor lighting diagrams
  • Flash equipment and methods
  • Color management and control
  • Photoshop for lighting correction
  • Photoshop used in conjunction with lighting

Also includes "Fuzzy's Favorites" high-school seniors slide show

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$10 flat rate shipping and handling charge (within the USA) 

One Day In Person One-On-One Seminar - $1500


Either at your studio or the subject's home  (Add travel and lodging expenses.)

  • Personal one-on-one learning experience
  • Senior boy and girl photo sessions at their homes
  • See how Fuzzy works with a senior, finds locations to make stunning images from simple settings

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Fuzzy Logic PDF Book - $39

Do not add a shipping charge... it will be emailed to you.


This very informative, ~200 page book contains a wealth of day-to-day tools and business information:

  • photographic tips, techniques, and equipment
  • diagrams for building lighting devices (such as the FuzzyFlector)
  • opinions on portrait photography
  • examples of brochures
  • examples of paperwork

Note: This book is NOT about lighting.  For that, refer to our DVD series.

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Testimonials (What Others Thought About Our Stuff)

"I've got to tell you, it was a bit like drinking from a fire hose! There is so much good information to absorb. It was worth every nickel." —Brian Tice

"I just wanted to drop you line and tell you how pleased I am with the info from your discs that I just got. Also, the info in the Fuzzy Logic book is going to keep me busy all winter! I'm real excited about adapting some of your approaches to help me separate from the competition around here." —Ladd Scavnicky

"I just viewed all of "Go Home" for a second time. I cannot underestimate how you have helped me. I've completed my first two in-home sessions. I had a great time, and the results were awesome. Thanks!" —Mark Illingworth

"I am absolutely thrilled with our purchase of the Go Home discs. It is by far, the most beneficial educational material I have ever purchased for the studio." —Stephen Barry

I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee!  I KNOW you'll gain much more than the minor cost of these materials.    Fuzzy Duenkel